Weekly Screenings are coming!

Weekly Screenings

Featuring local Austin artists:
Olaniyi R. Akindiya Akirash
Roni Zulu
Gigi Grinstad
Aimée Everett
Karen Woodward
Celeste Sarabia
Impossible Mr. Winterbourne


What are we all about?

Blank Canvas ATX is a public viewing and online video series that promotes, explores, and highlights the vast landscape of Austin’s creative communities. We select and interview active and engaging artists within Austin who work in a variety of media from paints, to sculpture and fabrics, to inter-media theatrics. We wish to offer both an event-based and an online platform for local artists to describe their work and process in their own words. We offer a public premiere launch party and showcase for every three episodes at a variety of local venues.

At each public screening event, the host (one of Blank Canvas ATX’s Creative Directors) will introduce the episode and our mission ahead of the screening. We seek audience input after the show through surveys and conversations with attendees. After the screenings, we will host post-screening conversations with invited artists, patrons and the public to generate enthusiasm, insights and promotions of the Austin arts scene.

Our primary goals for Blank Canvas ATX are:

  1. To promote and engage with Austin’s underground and emerging artists through on-site studio interviews and public screenings

  2. To advance diverse voices in Austin arts through exposure and public showcases

  3. To create and maintain an on-going web series for locals, tourists and world audiences that focuses on Austin’s artists and vibrant culture

We place special emphasis on artists that, due to cultural, economic, educational, or social status, are underrepresented or overlooked. It is our aim to market and promote their work, their stories, and their accomplishments in order to further their artistic careers. In particular, we include artists who are living at or below poverty levels, artists with differing abilities, women, LGBTQ persons and artists of color.

call for Austin artists

Blank Canvas ATX requests a couple hours of your limited time. We are a locally-based media company passionately smitten by Austin’s robust artistic and creative scene. Would you consider us interviewing you in your studio to be a part of our emerging video series and public screening events?


Blank Canvas is a go!

Blue Djinn Studios is proud to present our next pursuit: Blank Canvas ATX!

We will be roaming the city to interview Austin artists who work in a variety of media, from paints, sculpture and fabrics to inter-media theatrics. We wish to offer a platform online for many artists to display their work and tell us their process. Welcome to the journey.